Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Twilight Mad Lib

Directions: Fill out the following and insert them into the corresponding place for full-blown mad lib fun.

Write down...

(1) a pokemon
(2) a word to describe Clay Aiken
(3) a 3-letter brand of detergent besides Fab
(4) a really big number
(5) a really really dark color
(6) a one-syllable word beginning with f
(7) a number
(8) a word ending in -edophile
(9) a NBC sitcom starring Jennifer Aniston
(10) title of a Ke$ha song

Edward, Jacob... I don't know how to tell you this, but I've found someone else. I'm in love with (1)__________.

Edward Cullen,

I used to like you a lot, but lately you've been acting super (2)_________. I appreciate you wanting to protect me, but that's pretty much (3)_____ you talk about. It's also kinda creeping me out that you're like (4)_____ years old.

Jacob (5)_______,

What's your (6)______ing deal? Anyone who's read the books knows you never had a chance with me. I mean your (7)___-pack abs can only get you so far. And that whole falling in love with my infant daughter thing... you're kinda a (8)________. Also, stop lying about being an indian... real indians carry tomahawks.

Anyway guys, we've been through a lot... four books worth... so I hope we can still be (9)_________.