Saturday, July 16, 2011

Black History Month in July: Part II

Black History Month Great Black Person #6 of 28: Franklin from Peanuts

Hey Charlie Brown, you think being called a blockhead and getting that football pulled out from under you is rough? Try being the only black kid in the entire comic strip. Franklin never let it bother him though, as he was a terrific addition to creator Charles Schulz's Peanuts crew... even if he did require a little more shading. Not too much is known about Franklin other than he was a loyal friend, a good student, and the only member of the Peanuts gang who could dunk. Happy BHM, Franklin!

Black History Month Great Black Person #7 of 28: Call of Duty: Black Ops

With 7+ million copies sold in the first 24 hours, COD: Black Ops really stuck it to those elitist White Ops. Set in during the Cold War, Black Ops is more than just a fun game full of gunfire and explosions, it's... no that's pretty much it. More than anything, COD Black Ops reminds us all of one thing... war is hella fun.

Black History Month Great Black Person #8 of 28: Steve Urkel

"Did I do that?" Yes Steve, you did, if by "that" you mean "touch the hearts of people everywhere." Portrayed by the greatest actor of my generation, Jaleel White, Steve Urkel shattered the black gangster stereotype that was so prevalent in other 90s TV shows such as Law & Order and Hangin' With Mr Cooper. Thanks Steve, for making Friday nights fun for the whole family, cuz as we all know, family matters.

Black History Month Great Black Person #9 of 28: Andre 3000

What's cooler than being cool? There was a time in my life when I didn't know the answer to that question. I do now, thanks to Andre 3000. (It's ice cold.) Dre has represented the ATL well with a decade of hits as part of personal fave Outkast. I actually thought about featuring the King of Pop today, but I like 3000 better. I'm sorry Mike Jackson, I'm I'm I'm just being honest.

Black History Month Great Black Person #10 of 28: old spice commercial guy

Look at your fb status, now look my status, now yours, now back to mine. The old spice body wash commercials are an all-time fave of mine, thanks primarily to the impossibly charismatic black guy who stars in them. Someday, I wanna be just like him... until then, I'm on a horse.