Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How To Lose at Guess Who

The following is a game of Guess Who I played against my little cousin Maddy:

Maddy: Is yours a boy? - Eliminates 9

Me: Does yours look like they have something to hide? - Eliminates 0

Maddy: Is yours wearing a hat? - Eliminates 5

Me: Has yours had any plastic surgery done? - Eliminates 1 (Andrea)

Maddy: Does yours have white hair? - Eliminates 3

Me: Is yours' head lopsided? - Eliminates 3 (surprisingly)

Maddy: Are you even trying? - Eliminates 0

Me: That counts. My turn. Does yours resemble anyone from the cast of "cheers"? - Eliminates 1

Maddy: Is yours chocolate-colored? - Eliminates all but 1

Me: Is yours Hilary Duff?

Maddy: No. Is yours chuck?

Me: I quit.