Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sprucing Up the Ol' Résumé...

Let's see, special skills:

1. Figured out how to put accent mark over the e in résumé on the computer.

2. Able to tell the Olsen twins apart.

3. Mature enough to not laugh when I say I have a BS from Georgia Tech... sometimes.

4. Good at Words With Friends.

5. One time, found 2 four-leaf clovers in one day.

6. Never owned slaves.

7. Good at choosing which restaurant to eat at when no one else wants to make a decision.

8. Tall.

9. Knows sign language... is how deaf people communicate.

10. Has that app that tells you who sings that song that's playing on the radio.

11. Portable.

12. Has zero weaknesses.

13. Works well with others who work well with others.

14. Knows not to wear navy with black.

15. Synergy.

16. Tips well.

17. Doesn't shout at the screen during movies.

18. O+ blood type... the universal donor.

19. Never had a cavity.

20. Can type 90 words per minute... if you don't mind mistakes.