Thursday, February 23, 2012

Black History Month Great Black Person #21

Black History Month Great Black Person #21 of 29:
Wayne Brady

It's been said that Wayne Brady makes Bill Cosby look like a pipe-hittin' gangsta, but I say, so what? Wayne can sing, dance, act, wear tight shirts, play gay dudes on TV... he can do it all. Who cares if he's the whitest black guy on the face of the planet? Black History Month is all about diversity and Wayne Brady helps make the black community (not BET's version of the NBC show) a little more diverse. Thanks Wayne, for Whose Line Is It Anyway, for that skit on Chapelle's Show, thanks for being so darn upbeat. We'll end your tribute with a quote from you: "I know that I might be a role model, especially being a young Black man on TV. And I'm fine with that because I stand behind what I do. I do a great job. I do a clean job. So if that gets me made fun of by another Black actor, then so be it. And if some kid in the projects or even in the suburbs watches what I do and says, 'I want to be like that,' then I've won."