Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Black History Month Great Black Person #18

Black History Month Great Black Person #18 of 29:
Kwame from Captain Planet

The most athletic of all the Planeteers, Kwame is entrusted with the power of Earth and is the leader of the eco-friendly group of Earth-savers. Through Kwame and his sweet flat-top, we are taught some valuable lessons on how to help save the environment. Lesson one: find and use a super-powerful ring that can manipulate matter. Lesson two: when in trouble, use said ring along with your friends' rings to summon a mega-powerful blue man in a cut-off shirt. Lesson three: recycle. Unfortunately, I'm not quite as talented as Kwame and have only been able to master one of those three things. Thanks anyway for trying Kwame... forget Captain Planet, you're my hero.