Saturday, February 4, 2012

Black History Month Great Black Person #4

Black History Month Great Black Person #4 of 29
LaRon the Cable Guy

He may not be as famous as his adopted white brother Larry the Cable Guy, but LaRon has a lot going for him. First, unlike Larry, he'll actually fix your cable... and also unlike Larry, he'll do it while wearing sleeves. Sure, he may not be funny, but hey, neither is Larry the Cable Guy. He may not be overly charming or charismatic, but he gets the job done... which I'll take over "Git-R-Done" any day. You may not find LaRon (or anyone else on this list) on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, but he's a blue collar guy... and that's the kind of guy I want on this list. So congrats LaRon, you may have lived your whole life in the shadow of your brother Larry, but now you have something he'll never have (besides rythym), the distinction of Great Black Person of the day.