Sunday, February 12, 2012

Black History Month Great Black Person #10

Black History Month Great Black Person #10 of 29
Terry Crews

You may not know him by name, but trust me, you've seen Terry Crews somewhere. Whether it was in White Chicks, the Expendables, Everybody Hates Chris, an Old Spice commercial, or even on the gridiron in the NFL, it's hard to miss a man who's that large. It's quite the accomplishment to be a professional football player and a professional actor... and he's managed to do it without killing anybody (ahem, OJ). He may never win an Oscar (well you never know, Mo'Nique did), but there's something very likable about Terry's intensity and his big smile. Yes, I think if they ever make a movie about me, I'd like to be played by Terry Crews. So happy Black History Month Mr. Crews... everybody may hate Chris, but everybody loves you.