Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sprucing Up the Ol' Résumé... Part 3

Even more special skills...

41. Uses similes like a boss.

42. Skilled at Casual Friday.

43. Doesn't waste paper... footballs.

44. Wrote hilarious office-themed screenplay called Finding Memo that is just delightful.

45. Not that racist.

46. Can drive an automatic.

47. Keeps collection of Beanie Babies' tags in mint condition.

48. Goes with anything.

49. Likes ultimate frisbee, but doesn't neglect regular frisbees.

50. Owns whatever CD you're listening to on vinyl.

51. User-friendly.

52. Low self-esteem, but very high other types of esteem.

53. Thinks both inside and outside the box. Also on top of the box.

54. Seen every episode of both the UK AND the US Office, which I'm pretty sure gives me dual citizenship.

55. An animal lover, not an animal fighter.

56. Isn't afraid of old people anymore.

57. Can't play any instruments, but really good at listening to music.

58. Vegan... except for during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

59. Votes sometimes.

60. Fluent in... can you speak French? No? Yeah, fluent in French.