Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Black History Month in July: Part V

Okay... it's not July anymore, but whatevs. 2nd to last installment:

Black History Month Great Black Person 
#21 of 28: law-abiding rappers

With rap and hip-hop at an all-time high in popularity, youngsters have really started looking up to rappers. Unfortunately, many rappers have sordid pasts and bad reputations... so this installment of Great Black Person goes out to all those lyricolosists who have never been arrested or served time. Sadly, this means no:

waka flocka, ja rule, wiz khalifa, kid cudi, akon, big lurch, black rob, c-murder, capone, dmx, da brat, eve, flesh n bone, gucci mane, foxy brown, lil boosie, lil wayne, lil kim, lloyd banks, mystikal, odb, prodigy, r kelly, p diddy, vanilla ice (blackness under review), slick rick, snoop dogg, steady b, styles p, suge knight, t.i., travie mccoy, tupac, or jeezy. 

So pretty much the honors today go to will smith and kanye west... and kanye, you were mean to taylor swift, so you don't get to be part of this either. Happy BHM, will smith!

Black History Month Great Black Person
#22 of 28: the Famous Jett Jackson

Long before Hannah Montana, there was the original Disney Channel star who had the best of both worlds... Jett Jackson. Jett managed to seamlessly transition between a life as a normal high school student and the life of a famous actor. Unlike Miley Cyrus, Jett wasn't afraid of his own celebrity and didn't need to live a double life. Also unlike Miley, he didn't feel it necessary to burden the world with an auto-tune heavy singing career. Thanks Jett, for entertaining us with your show... and for entertaining us with the show inside your show... also you were in Friday Night Lights.

Black History Month Great Black Person 
#23 of 28: the smoke monster from Lost

Even without speaking, the Smoke Monster struck fear into the hearts of the Lost castaways for 6 whole seasons. If that doesn't deserve an Emmy, I don't know what does. Just steal one from Mad Men... they'll never know. Not very many people know this, but the Lost Island isn't exactly the most open-minded of places. For years and years, it only employed white smoke monsters... making the black smoke monster's triumphs all the more astounding. So happy BHM, smoke monster from Lost, you are to be celebrated... as is Lost as a whole cuz it's pretty much the best show of all-time.

Black History Month Great Black Person #24 of 28: Ollie the Weatherman

"It's gon rain!" The first time I saw that, I laughed so so hard. Though Ollie is a fairly minor character in Family Guy, his abbreviated outbursts are loved by all. I can't say for sure, but I think Ollie is probably a pretty great weatherman too... he's been at the same station since 1999 after all. Thanks for all you do Ollie... every second you're on the screen is one less second that Peter is singing "The Bird is the Word."