Sunday, August 28, 2011

Teen PokéMom

Here at TKAA, we're all about the kids... and not just the human ones... pokémon too. It's these young pokémon and pokéwomon to whom I write today:

I know there's a lot of pressure to do the pokénasty when you're a teenage pokémon, but I want you young creatures to know that there's no shame in holding on to your (Pokémon) V-Card... just ask the thousands of single pokémoms out there who wish they could have a do-over. Remember, there's only one reliable defense against Nintendo DSTDs and unwanted pregnancies and it's (no, not Coil, Harden, or Leer) abstinence. So delete those booty call numbers from your pokédex and go out and get some fresh air, pokékids. The world is a scary enough place without a pokébaby to worry about, so why not wait until you evolve to do the ol' horizontal battle? And if you can't suppress those pokéurges, at least use protection, because when it comes Nintendo DSTDs, without protection, you're gonna catch 'em all.