Friday, February 7, 2014

BHM 2014 Honors: Rap Dads

Great father-son relationships are a cornerstone of the rap community. Behind almost every great rapper is a loving, supportive, financially-responsible dad. Today, I'd like to honor some of the extraordinary things fathers have done for their rapper sons:

Big Wayne - As ill as Lil Wayne claims to be, his dad must have had to stay home from work an awful lot to take care of him.

Andre 2999 - He taught 'Dre to always apologize for his mistakes. You're welcome Ms. Jackson. I am for real.

Soulja Man - He taught Soulja Boy never to hop up out of bed without first turning on his swag. Great advice.

Old Jeezy - Thanks to his dad's tutelage, Young Jeezy is very good at identifying colors. Our President IS black... that Lambo IS blue.

P. Grandiddy - Even though Puffy claims to be a bad boy for life, the fact that he dated J. Lo for so long proves that the elder Diddy taught him a ton about patience.

So thanks Rap Dads, for raising your sons to be talented rappers... and for being far better people than Dance Moms.