Friday, February 14, 2014

BHM 2014 Honors: Future Slam Dunk Contest Champ

I don't know who you are yet, but based on past winners, there's a 97% chance you're black. Yes, only one white guy has ever defied the odds/gravity and won the most prestigious award that dunking has to offer... and that win was more sham than slam. Whitey's winning dunk "from the free throw line" was more like "from kinda close to being in the vicinity of the free throw line." Just further proof that white lies CAN be detrimental. No such worries this year, however, as every slam dunk participant is African-American... as it should be. Tomorrow night we'll discover your identity, but thanks ahead of time for the amazing dunks. (You may be wondering why I chose to highlight basketball on Valentine's day. It's because love and basketball go well together, just ask Omar Epps.)