Sunday, February 2, 2014

BHM 2014 Honors: Brown M&Ms

When ranking the most ethical candies, M&Ms are pretty low on the list. They're colorful and they're delicious, but they're round, little liars -- except for the brown ones. Unlike the more vibrant M&Ms, brown M&Ms never try to fool you with their coating; they have the decency to give you a preview of what's inside -- more brown. Not the other colors. There's no telling how many snacks/lives have been ruined by red M&Ms who would have the eater believe there's some sort of cherry or strawberry filling inside their candy shells. But not brown. Brown M&Ms have too much integrity to be something they're not -- too much pride to go all Skittle like the other colors. That's why I, like Matthew McConaughey in the Wedding Planner, only eat the brown ones. Thanks brown M&Ms, for not sugar-coating it.