Monday, February 10, 2014

BHM 2014 Honors: Popeye's, Church's, & Bojangles' Chicken

In the spirit of orange soda, watermelon, and being good at sports, affinity for fried chicken is another black stereotype that needs to be embraced. Fried chicken is delicious! Now am I saying that EVERY black person likes fried chicken? Pretty much. But so does almost every white person. I'm jealous that my race doesn't get a fine stereotype like this. I'd gladly trade "can't jump" for the rights to buckets of thighs and drumsticks. So you're darn right chicken joints like Popeye's, Church's, and Bojangles' are getting some BHM love. Those places have been bringing together light and dark people and light and dark meat for decades. Happy Black History Month, chicken shacks... you're all finger-lickin' good!

(Why no KFC? Because it's just not right to have Colonel Sanders anywhere near a BHM celebration... regardless of how many secret herbs and spices he may have.)