Tuesday, February 11, 2014

BHM 2014 Honors: NOT King Arthur

Sure, King Arthur did some noteworthy things. He pulled that sword out of that stone, he searched for the Holy Grail, he fought courageously in many a battle, but tell me: why weren't there any brothers on the Knights of the Round Table? It's not like there weren't any worthy black knights. There was Sir Jamal of Compton, Sir Malik of Detroit, and Sir Mix-A-Lot of Nastymix Records. How about a little Arthurmative Action? It's no wonder Camelot's basketball team didn't win a game during Arthur's reign. In fact, the only black things mentioned in Arthurian times are black magic and the Black Plague. Not exactly flattering. Get it together, Pendragon. In the end, it's Arthur's loss. If there had been a little less Anglo and a little more blacks in England, there's no telling what could have been: more slain dragons than a Game of Thrones marathon; more rescued princesses than in the first three installments of Super Mario Bros combined; more victorious lances than a who's-the-gayest-member-of-N*Sync contest! While that last part may be a bit of a stretch, it's not a stretch to say that Mr. Pendragon simply wasn't a friend to the black man. The name King Arthur may be etched in the annals of European History, but this is BLACK History Month, Your Highness, so your name just doesn't mean-a-lot.