Friday, February 7, 2014

BHM 2014 Honors: Justin Bieber

The first time I heard Justin Bieber on the radio, I didn't hate it. I also didn't think he was white. Or male. I quite honestly thought he was a 12-year old black girl. "That's sweet," I thought, "this young lady is singing about her baby." Turns out I was very wrong. The Biebs may not be black, or a girl, but he is on a predominantly black record label and definitely has some R&B flair, so much like his ridiculous haircut, we're gonna let it slide. You gotta give it to him though; he can sing, he can dance, he makes girls swoon... he does it all. Of course "all" includes wearing absurd clothing, posting obnoxious tweets, and drag racing while drunk. That's okay though,  tools have their place in this world... I mean, who else would willingly say swaggy on the radio? So to all you folks who thought you'd never see Justin Bieber associated with Black History Month, I have this to say: never say never.