Thursday, February 28, 2013

Black History Month Great Black Person #21 of 28

Black History Month Great Black Person #21 of 28:
Tracy Morgan

I must be out of my mindgrapes to have waited this long to honor Tracy Morgan. To think of a Black History Month without the man behind Brian Fellow's Safari Planet... that's crazy! Sure, Tracy has struggled with alcoholism and sometimes has trouble knowing when to keep his mouth shut, but when it comes to making people laugh, he's one of the best. And isn't that what's most important... making people laugh? No, actually getting that alcoholism under control should probably take priority. Fortunately for Tracy, and for his fans, the drinking problems are in the past. So thanks Tracy, for your characters on Saturday Night Live, for your role on 30 Rock, and for inspirational quotes like this: "I want to hold a mirror up to society... and then win world record for biggest mirror."