Monday, February 18, 2013

Black History Month Great Black Person #11 of 28

Black History Month Great Black Person #11 of 28:
Hank Aaron

Who's got two thumbs, 755 home runs, and no asterisks by any of his stats? Hammerin' Hank Aaron, that's who. Henry "Hank" Aaron, the true home run champion, didn't need HGH, testosterone shots, or deer antler spray to break Babe Ruth's long-standing home run record or become Major League Baseball's all-time RBI leader. The 25-time All-Star did it the right way with hard work, perseverance, and consistency... and a bat. What makes Hank even more special is that he did it all under intense pressure and scrutiny resulting from the ongoing Civil Rights Movement. Despite hate mail and death threats, Hank kept a cool head and continued to rack up the hits and homers season after season. This resulted in a Hall of Fame career that included two batting titles, three Gold Gloves, and an MVP award. Happy BHM, Hank... thanks for a being a five-tool player and not a steroid-using tool. Go Braves!