Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Black History Month Great Black Person #16 of 28

Black History Month Great Black Person #16 of 28:

According to the internet, 1 in 5 relationships in the 21st century begin online. While this may be true for whitey, I really just don't think too many black people are breaking down the firewall to log onto eHarmony. Enter blackpeoplemeet.com: the site responsible for more black love connections than Barry White. It's great that there's an exclusively African-American dating website and all, but I'm not so sure the creators chose the best name for their site. If you hear their ad on the radio, it sounds a lot like a website that promotes African-American cannibalism. Meet, meat... they sound the same. Homophones... always keeping the black man down. Of course, it got my attention when I heard it for the first time, so maybe the creators knew what they were doing all along. Happy BHM, blackpeoplemeet.com... thanks for making black couples and not black cutlets.