Friday, February 15, 2013

Black History Month Great Black Person #9 of 28

Black History Month Great Black Person #9 of 28:
Charlize Theron

Though society has come a long way in terms of racial equality, African-Americans still have many obstacles to overcome in order to succeed in this world. That's why stories like today's BHM honoree Charlize Theron's are so inspirational. Charlize grew up in a suburban town in South Africa where she attended private school. Poor girl. As a teenager, she learned how to overcome her bountiful talents in the fine arts and make due with her conventionally beautiful face and body. After moving to the United States, she was forced into a dead-end job in Hollywood where she had to act in films just to make a lousy million. Don't even get me started on that terribly heavy Oscar trophy they made her lug around or that worthless star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame they gave her that people are constantly stepping on and getting dirty. Despite these horrible setbacks, Charlize eventually managed to reach the mountain-top... a guest-starring role on the greatest television show of all time, Arrested Development. Now, I know some people will argue that Charlize Theron doesn't belong in a conversation about Black History Month because she's "white," but I'll have you know that she earned her U.S. citizenship in 2007 and therefore has literally been an African-American for over five years now. So thanks Charlize, for being an upstanding member of the African-American community and for showing us all how success is within anyone's grasp as long as they are immensely talented and incredibly beautiful.