Thursday, January 5, 2012

All A Twitter 3

Twitter has become the go-to medium for the rich and famous to communicate with the masses. As much as I like hearing about Kate Middleton's day, it's too bad Twitter wasn't invented earlier so we could follow some interesting historical figures instead of vapid celebrities. Here's a look at what could have been:

JRobinsonMLB Jackie Robinson
On 15-Day DL with strained hamstring and broken color barrier :(

GDub76 George Washington
I cannot tell a lie... Breaking Dawn was pretty good.

The_Bard  William Shakespeare
Bet my plays wud b better if they actually let women play women's parts. Or at least prettier men. #ryangosling

RVWzzzzzzzzzz Rip Van Winkle
Gnight twitter

L'Autre-chienne Marie Antoinette
Let them eat cake. #Sh*tQueensSay

salemSUX Rebecca Nurse
Accused of being a witch... AGAIN! #whitegirlproblems #crucibullcrap

Pocahonta$$ Pocahontas
hOlyy $&@#! I think that tree jus TaLkEd 2 MEEE!! Gotta lay off dat PeYotE! Lol! :P #redgirlproblems
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Eiffel65fan Smurfette
boyz R all the same :/ #bluegirlproblems

AOakay  Annie Oakley
I'll get my gun when I'm good and ready... GEEZ! #cowgirlproblems

david_hammock  David Hammock
I miss tan M&Ms :'{( #whiteboyproblems

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