Thursday, September 22, 2011

All A Twitter

Twitter has become the go-to medium for the rich and famous to communicate with the masses. As much as I like hearing about Kim Kardashian's day, it's too bad Twitter wasn't invented earlier so we could follow some interesting historical figures instead of vapid celebrities. Here's a look at what could have been:

HonestAbe Abraham Lincoln
@slaves, good news... ur free! #13thAmendment
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MLKdoesthabodygood  Martin Luther King Jr
crazy dream last nite. daughter wuz playin wit a white girl. hopefully a sign of things 2 come cuz i really wanna use that 'whites only' twitter
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FiReSiDeCHATTA  Franklin Delano Roosevelt
New Deal... on Groupon!
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I<3Cleo Mark Antony
@Friends @Romans @Countrymen... R.I.P. Julius Caesar
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ReforMartin  Martin Luther
I've got 95 Theses but a b*#$% ain't one! JK... but srsly check 'em out
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theRealHelenKeller  Helen Keller 
rioasndaiog asdojfsj asdogj 2390jsalgj q09wejpasdjfgj aspoegjiapsdjg pasjdgpj!
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PatsFan1776  Nathan Hale
I regret that I have but 140 characters to type for my country
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hearmeroar  Sappho
UGH! Guyz are SO confuuuuzing!
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TheRaven  The Raven   by Edgar_Allen_Poe
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