Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Odds and Ends

  • I love Words With Friends, but I wonder if Words With Enemies isn't a better idea. Sure, beating your friends is cool, but how bout dropping QUARTZ on a triple word score on someone you've hated your whole life?

  • Kraft needs to create some sort of Adult-Style Mac & Cheese. Instead of dinosaur shapes, there can be little briefcases, ties, bills, reading glasses, etc. This way, I get all the enjoyment of eating cheesy shapes with none of the judgmental glances from the cashiers at publix.

  •  I wonder if the temperature is always 98 degrees at Nick Lachey's house. His girlfriend is over and is sweating and dying of heat exhaustion and is all begging Nick to turn the air on and he just won't do it and she's all like 'you don't cherish me' and he's like 'I do cherish you' and then he laughs cuz he realizes the inadvertent pun and she passes out and he misses Jessica Simpson a little.

  • Anything with pumpkin in it is good... pumpkin pie, pumpkins muffins, pumpkins lattes... the list goes on and on. Yes, I think I'd eat anything with pumpkin in front of it. Now am I saying I'd eat pumpkin poop? No. But I'm not gonna just rule it out. Depends how poop-heavy the dish is.

  • Check out the old and new Hawaiian Punch mascots:

       Thoughts on the updated version:
       Pros: He's wearing pants.
       Cons: Everything else.

       What a terrible change.

       (Did you ever think the red hat on the original was his hair? I did.)