Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All A Twitter 2

by @david_hammock

Twitter has become the go-to medium for the rich and famous to communicate with the masses. As much as I like hearing about Ashton Kutcher's day, it's too bad Twitter wasn't invented earlier so we could follow some interesting historical figures instead of vapid celebrities. Here's a look at what could have been:

GraysTraveller Robert E. Lee 

TrickyDick Richard M. Nixon
(This tweet has been removed.)

1Fish2Fish  Dr. Seuss
I would not, could not post your tweet. I said it once, I won't repeat. I won't retweet it @SamIAm. I'll send your message straight to spam.

RoughRIDER Teddy Roosevelt
Bull Moose party rules! Also toga parties ;)

BlackFemaleMoses  Harriet Tubman
@Slave_Owners - Nothing going on this weekend. Pretty boring up here in the North. Might rent Green Lantern on Blu-ray, but that's about it. #TheCrowFliesAtMidnight

Agent007 James Bond
Just totaled my Aston Martin :( I'm okay, but the other guy was pretty shaken #notstirred

TheRealThing Coca-Cola
The pause that refreshes.
Retweeted (poorly) by Pepsi-Co
every day Favorite Retweet Reply

The_King Elvis Presley
@teenage_girls *shakes pelvis*

Future_Prdctr1503  Nostradamus
Count on these tragedies: Great Fire of London, rise of Adolf Hitler, September 11, BCS National Championship game featuring two teams who have already played!