Thursday, March 29, 2012

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Daze

Sick of chick flicks? See Rachel McAdams' face everywhere? Feel like the only things you ever do are Eat, Pray, and Love? You sir, may be suffering from what I like to call "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Daze." It's a dreadful condition in which you're eternally obligated to watch chick flicks with your wife or girlfriend. But fear not, manly man, for there is hope. Here are few ways to help escape all the girly (Sandra) bullocks.

1. Suggest a movie with a hot guy in it.

Chick flick me as hard as you can
"Hey, let's watch this one. It's got People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive Bradley Cooper in it."

Bam, you're watching the Hangover. Keanu Reeves = Point Break. Brad Pitt = Fight Club.

2. Tell her that you think the girl in the chick flick she picked is hot.

"Oh, we're watching Win A Date With Tad Hamilton? That's cool, Kate Bosworth is hot.
"Is she prettier than me?"
"Well, we're about to find out. Press play."
"No wait, I think it's your turn to pick."

Just be careful with this one, there are some snags with this step. For instance:

1. Make sure you know who the actress is:

"Hey, let's watch Uptown Girls."
"What's that?"
"It's that cute little movie with Dakota Fanning."
"Ok, fine. Dakota Fanning is hot."
"She's like 12 years old."

2. Make sure the she isn't a he:

"Let's watch Bringing Up Baby."
"Who's in that?"
Makes Step 5 easier
"Cary Grant."
"Cool. She's hot."
"Cary Grant's a man."

3. Stretch the truth.

"Oh, NOTTING Hill... I thought you said HAMBURGER Hill."

4. Flat out lie

"Sorry honey, Blockbuster was all out of business  chick flicks, so I rented Die Hard. It has some dialogue, so I think you'll like it."

"Nicholas Sparks killed my dad. I can't, in good conscience, watch movies based on his books."

5. Deal with it. 

Chick flicks aren't always bad. I happen to like Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, and Love Actually, among others. Of course, maybe I just like Keira Knightley.