Friday, March 23, 2012

FoW MTR: Hunger Games Edition

By David Hammock, Stephan Rabbitt

Editor's Note: The Hunger Games opens this weekend and will no doubt approach Harry Potter box office numbers ($150 million)... especially with IMAX tickets that cost like $35 with a super huge small popcorn. In honor of the movie's release, FoW MTR reviewed all the trailers to whet your appetite for the blockbuster. Don't worry, the puns get worse.

Teaser Trailer

 This is just a great teaser. When this was released, most everyone knew of Jennifer Lawrence. Maybe it was from her Oscar-nominated performance in Winter's Bone, her not-as-disguised-as-often-as-
you-would-think Mystique in X-Men First Class, or her heart-breaking portrayal of Sam in Like Crazy. I love the isolation. All we see is J-Law, which is never a bad thing. But here, it also serves to show that this is an every boy and girl for themselves battle, especially given that we all knew a little bit about the story prior to watching. And I'm not sure if it is because I grew up on The Legend of Zelda, but I just love the bow and arrow as a weapon. 5 stars.

Hammock: Let me preface this by saying that I'm a big, big fan of the books and I'll do my best not to be a douche about details and spoilers. For those who have read the books, this trailer is about one thing: Katniss. At this point, we all knew that J-Law would be portraying the protagonist and readers everywhere were dying to see how the silver screen version of Katniss stacked up to the Katniss in their imaginations. I, for one, was happy. It's hard to be dissatisfied any time you get an eyeful of Jennifer Lawrence, but I was a little worried that she wouldn't pass for a 16 year old. She's close enough. Certainly closer than the cast of Saved by the Bell. The teaser also gives us a small taste of the plot, just enough to get us excited.Capitol job, teaser trailer maker. 5 stars for you... and 1 special, sensual star just for you, J-Law.

Trailer 1

Hammock: Watching these Hunger Games trailers reminds me of watching Harry Pottertrailers back in the day. I would pause during every scene to try to figure out what was what from the book. I've matured a lot since then... I mean, I only paused this one like three times. All in all, I think the trailer is a good, straightforward summary of the plot. It's pretty simple really: Running Man with innocent children instead of criminals. Or is it more like Breakfast Club with weapons? I wonder if they'll give Lenny Kravitz a chance at some quality meta. I can totally see his character exclaiming that he "wants to get away" or asking Katniss if she's "gonna go his way." He is Lenny Kravitz after all... he can do whatever the Effie wants. That's right, I'm ending all my responses with awful Hunger Games puns.

Rabbitt: David and I are examples of the two types of people that will be going to see this movie: those who have read the book and those that haven't. I will not be disappointed by any differences between the book and the movie because I have not read  it. However, this trailer was of paramount importance for those that had read the book. For the first time, they get to compare the spectacle that was bound only by their imagination to the Hollywood production. The characters now have an identity. Were you picturing Lenny Kravitz as Cinna before? Well you will be from now on! Coming from someone that hasn't read the book, I think the trailer is great.

Trailer 2

Rabbitt: Those of us who haven't read the book have seen the gold bird with an arrow in its grasp on Hunger Games posters and trailers, but we find out what to call it and get our first look at the characters with the mockingjay in this final trailer. Otherwise, we get most of the same material as the main theatrical trailer. Everybody is locked, loaded and ready to go. I've got my ticket for tonight in IMAX and I'm only mildly upset that I won't get to wear this shirt to the theater.

Hammock: I'm actually going to refrain from watching this last trailer because it will just upset me. You see, I couldn't go to the midnight showing last night because I had to teach school this morning and I'm experiencing some very real Hunger pangs. However, not unlike the cylons, I have a plan: to help quell (Pun #3!) my sorrow, I'm going to have a reaping at school today. I'll randomly select one boy and one girl from each class, give them detention, then have them fight over the right to leave detention early and earn a pizza party for their district... I mean period. I'll even splurge for deep dish. That's right kids, if you win, you can Panem. (Ha, that bonus pun is so bad, I'll forgo the option to add Cinna sticks).

David Hammock and Stephan Rabbitt believe the odds are ever in their favor, unless you're talking about getting with Jennifer Lawrence. You can follow their excited reactions about The Hunger Games on Twitter at @david_hammock & @itsrabbitt