Sunday, November 20, 2011

10(+) Things I Hate About UGA

It's Hate Week for Georgia Tech fans and you won't find a bigger Tech fan than me. Hate Week is the week leading up to the big GT/UGA football game where students and alumni air their grievances about the rival school. Yes, I know it's not good to hate others, but while there certainly are some good Georgia fans out there, there are far too many bad ones for me to feel the least bit bad about all the animosity I feel toward the university[sic]. The following is a little poem I wrote to celebrate my hate for all things UGA:

I hate the way your fans all bark and how you misspell dogs
I hate the way your Sunday best is camo overalls
I hate the way your mascot drools and how you live off beer
I hate how half your football team ends up in jail each year
I hate how you don't count those wins from war years when we played
I hate how I took harder classes in the 7th grade
I hate how half your fan base has never seen your school
I hate how you call Techies nerds, as if farming is cool
I hate your hedges, Herschel Walker, hate black and hate red
I hate how Larry Munson's voice makes me wish I were dead
I hate the way your redneck school brings down the whole darn state
I hate you so much UGA, clean old-fashioned hate