Monday, June 18, 2012

Music Video Monday: Passion Pit - "Take A Walk"

After three long years of waiting, we finally have some new Passion Pit! The band's first album, Manners, has been on heavy rotation on all my listening devices since its release in 2009 and judging by the album's first single, "Take A Walk," it's looking like their sophomore album, Gossamer, will continue the trend. Check out the video for "Take A Walk" below:

Either the ball in this video is made out of flubber or the director did about as poorly in Physics class as I did. Nevermind the ball(ocks) though, because this video is pretty cool. I'm a big fan of any video that makes me feel like I'm flying through the sky -- this one capitalizes on that and even takes it a step further by also making me feel like I can jump really high. I'd imagine this is similar to the way NBA players feel on a basketball court -- well, NBA players not named Nowitzki. (If you think that's a white joke, you're racist. It's a German joke. Shame on you.) Anyway, I'm very excited Passion Pit is back and looking forward to the video for the next single, which you can listen to below. I actually like it better than Take A Walk... it's got more of a "Sleepyhead" feel to it.